Do you Get Confused with Land Size Measurements (SQM & SQ. FT), We have clarified!

In the real-estate sector, the word “square Metre” which is popularly written and pronounced abbreviated “SQM” is very popular and widely used. Thou, this term is very familiar and on everyday conversations, advertisements, and in general corridors around real estate transactions, here at Lai Agency, we’ve decided to include the word in the list of jargon to ensure that whenever our clients came into our contact and there is the need to use the word, more explanation is attached to our clients to ensure mutual understanding.

However, the frequency questions from our online community and family, gave us the ground to come out with today’s blog post to answer in detail on various questions which on our perspective, we believe our explanations would be a very important lesson to share to our protectives and customers.

Let’s begin our discussion with clarification of different unit of measurement of land;

There are two standards of measurement used in Tanzania – the imperial (Feet; Acres) and the metric (Metres; Hectares). Artisans understand the imperial system (inches and feet) while professionals and the brokers tend to use S.I units (mm, cm, meters).

When buying land, The first question you ask your agent or developer is ‘What is the plot size” as land plots varies in sizes. It is not “a one size fits all”. There are various units of land measurement in Tanzania such as; Hectares, Acres, Metres, and Feet.

Hectare is the largest metric unit in land measurement and uncommonly used in the measurement of land in the real estate sector. It’s 100m by 100m (328ft by 328ft). This land measurement is equal to the football pitch and one hectare is equivalents to two and a half acres. An acre is a standard unit of measurement of a land plot which is commonly in Tanzania particularly during the bulk acquisition of land. Its metrics equal to a total of 4,046sqm or 43,560sqms

“PLOT”- A plot is just a random term used to describe a land division made in a particular area by the developers or government for the purpose of farming or building and these land divisions or plots vary in size. In Tanzania, according to Tanzania’s planning departments, the appropriate plot for housing is  30m by 15m or 100ft by 50ft which is equivalent to 450sqm or 5,000 sq. ft which is an ideal land plot that can accommodate the standard family housing.

After, looking into various land measurement units, now you can watch exactly how land plot sizes are measured and calculated here. LaiLand has many various land projects with land plots with different sizes (sqm) ideal for residential or commercial purposes. You can choose your land plot by clicking here or make your appointment here to visit your next home’s land plot.


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