Things to Consider Before Buying a Land Plot in Dodoma National Capital City

For most people, owning a house is a fantasy and pride, but it’s always become difficult when it comes to deciding between whether to buy a house or to start with acquiring land plot. Taking all considerations into account, with its high re-sale value, purchasing a plot area is a better investment choice.

Before purchasing a residential plot, there are some factors which you must bear in your mind:

Whether the Land is a part of any acquisition process:

It is also important to know if the property is under the process of acquisition by any government authority which under Laws of Tanzania is possible. If the property has been acquired by the government, then the property ceases to belong to its original owner and becomes the property of the acquiring authority. Thus, the property so acquired cannot be sold or alienated further by the original owner of the said property, unless the property has been released from the acquisition process. For the case of Dodoma City, our company has vast years of experience with master plan of Dodoma City, this puts LandLai at edges understanding politics of Land acquisitions by authorities on areas which are not yet surveyed.

The legitimate Owner and Status of the Seller.

This should come as the second stage after understanding whether the land is under acquisition process or not. Before doing any transaction for the purpose of acquiring land plot? What is your preference? You must also satisfy yourself on the status of the owner of the land plot. This is very important.

First of all, we normally recommends Real estate companies not individual seller, things like whether the company owns a land check, status of its returns whether they are  up to date? Its articles of associations if allows a company to sell the property. This due diligence process can be carried by your lawyer or yourself in case you’re quite experienced on doing companies’ due diligence.


When you plan to purchase a residential plot, this is a very important reason. First and foremost, the essential public services and parts of the town must be easily accessible from the plot you intend to buy. Be sure that in faraway places you don’t get tempted by cheap offers. When it comes to having better returns on your money, position is also a huge factor! Currently our LandLai has surveyed and the Dodoma City Council has approved the following residential land plots for sell on the following locations; Mkalama which is only 5kms from Dodoma City Centre, Itega Land Plots are located 3Kms from city centre, Mkonze Project which is 4km from Dodoma Town, Miganga Project 6Kms from Dodoma City Centre, Chidachi only 7Kms away from the city centre, Mapinduzi  5Kms, Nala19kms, Ilazo 6Kms and Njedengwa 5kms from Dodoma City Centre.

Land Plot Size

The area/size of the residential plot is an important consideration if you plan to move here when it comes to making the decision on your dream home. Check the built-up area where you need to build that home and the topography and soil as well. It is still safer to be safe than sorry, after all. Therefore, on this case we as LandLai, using our experienced and professional surveyors we insure that our customers’ investment is safe as all land plots we sell are ideally for residential or commercial uses. Moreover, the size of the plots on our listings normally starts with 400SQM which is agreeable size by the authorities in Tanzania.

Land Plot’s Price

Do not rush and buy a residential plot because its price is very cheap, even if the deal seems great. It is advised to spend some time on researching the value of land and other advantages, before buying it. The price of research and doing due diligence about the plot can’t outperform the cost of waiting and insuring safe investment of your hardly earned money.  At LandLai advice and due diligence on land plots acquisition. Moreover, we offer consultancy services particular on land plots’ prices tags for different places around Dodoma City.


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