Why you Must Own a Land Plot at Nala Industrial Area-Dodoma

Andrew Cartegie, the billionaire and Industrialist once said; “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.”

Andrew’s statement is very heavy and carries a truly motivational and aspirational to anyone with passions and dreams of becoming millionaire or billionaire in near future by investing in real estate particular through direct or indirect activities of industrial activities which would be taking place in Nala Industrial Area as per Dodoma’s Masterplan

Are you looking for a viable investment in real-estate which is closely attached to Industrial Economy? If ‘YES’, LandLai Investment Company has got good news for you, we’ve residential and commercial land plots near Nala Industrial Area’ for a very reasonable price. Before I share more information on our Land Plots at Nala. Let’s check some facts about Nala Industrial Area from Dodoma Region Investment Guide and Dodoma City’s Master Plan

Why you should buy a plot of Land at NALA? The industrial guide and plan of the area;

  • Lorry Packing Area will be at Nala. The Authorities have allocated 5.8 hectares of land for establishing a Lorry Parking which will be built at Nala Ward, this area is just 11 kilometres from Dodoma City. The plot is expected to be used by 200 Lorries per day, Lorries will to/from other regions and to other landlocked countries.
  • Processing and Materials Packing Area. Apart from being the industrial area, Nala has special allocated 851 hectares of land which will be used to build facilities for processing and packaging different products.
  • Milk Collection Centre, within 851 hectares at Nala Industrial Area there’ll be a ‘Milk Collection Centre’ which will be feeding the regional factory which will be built at Mtumba. Moreover, within those 851 hectares, there will be a Grain Leather Processing Industries too.

About our land Projects at Nala and why you shouldn’t miss this life time investment opportunity at Nala:

  • The project is located only 13 kilometres from City Centre
  • Both residential and commercial plots are allocated only 3km from Singida high way
  • The price for one square metre is only 4000TZS for both residential and commercial plots. This means for the ideal plot of 500SQM is 2,000,000TZS
  • We accept an instalment payment plan
  • Upon completion of your payment, you will be offered your ‘title deed’ in your names.
  • All the necessary public services are nearby the project and the project is close to outer ring roads

For more information, you can call us here, or visits our website for more other projects and details. Don’t wait until this offer comes to an end soon.


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